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Peak Velocity 2020 - 2021  Baseball

Nov 16 ’20
Feb 9 ’21

NOTE 1: Pay in full options will be $100 off the full price. 

NOTE 2: We ask that each player pick either the HITTING or PITCHING class and stick with that class for the juration of the program. We have found that it has made players unsuccessful if the past when they have been half in on both the HITTING and PITCHING class. You will need to pick one or the other. Please register to the correct class when registering. Please also register to the earliest possible time you can make it to the facility. High School kids who are within 20 miles need to register for the 3PM class if at all possible. Younger players or high School players outside of 20 miles can register for the 4PM or 3PM.

NOTE 3: There is regular Peak Velocity that is just simply the skill specific class (hitting or pitching) with weight lifting as well. There is also the the Peak Velocity Class with the 3D Motion Analysis included. There is a lot of computer work that is involved with the 3D Motion Analysis so this option has a higher cost. All prices are listed on the Flier.

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